Nixx Blackwood


Psychic Empath

I do not read on pregnancy, conception, or # of children questions.


I have been giving accurate psychic readings and spiritual counselling for over 20 years. I am a spiritual life coach and shadow worker. I am truthful and I don’t sugar coat. Please be open about the messages you receive even if they aren't what you wanted to hear.  I specialize in guidance to help you move forward toward the life you want. I offer advice and opinion as well as tell what the cards say. I want you to move forward and I will tell you the best path to make that happen and help you move forward on your path and your life. I seek to empower you so you can achieve your goals.


I have been doing readings since high school I began reading tarot cards for my friends and they were amazed at how accurate my predictions and insight were. I have been reading professionally for several years and have a record of highly satisfied clients and hundreds of five-star reviews. I am non-judgmental and very open to hearing and receiving all messages so you can find accurate clarity.



DOB/NAME of Self - Addition of ONE other person DOB/ NAME

Please provide a backstory current status and specific question, Asking How does someone feel will receive a general energy of the person at the time I connect to the energy. 

Instructions for CHAT

One question per line, Please provide a brief history, Your NAME/DOB - DOB/Name of other person.

Questions with no history and non specific questions will receive general energy ONLY

Please allow time to answer your first question fully before moving to another.


Clients control Their experience I am only a messenger.  The energy you put out is the energy you receive. If you provide false info, not enough info, or misleading info this is what you will get back.  I cannot tell you what is right for you. You life path is YOUR journey to navigate.  I can give you advice, opinions and guidance but only you can chose the path for you.

Unstable situations and people = stable readings

There can be more than one answer or outcome possible at the same time. You are capable of changing your future forecast or prediction before it manifests, The universe is in a constant state of change.

I will NOT psychic spy. Period.
Yes serial readings on a single issue can be contradictory and confusing if not enough time has passed between readings or if it centers on peoples decisions or feelings.


Feelings do not necessarily reflect the facts and are extremely changeable. Feelings of another changes as the wind blows. The gift of forecast prediction is understanding the underlying circumstances and the most likely outcome should the energy move forward unchanged. This can be changed with decisions if the out come is not in alignment with our desired outcome. 


Rating & Review

  • li1990 Date: 21.01.2021

    was accurate with my feelings gave my clarity thanks

  • Travis Bailey Date: 21.01.2021

    Thanks you so much , I wasn’t sure what to do . Now I know what I should do

  • Travis Bailey Date: 21.01.2021


  • Brandie Dorsey Date: 20.01.2021

    thank you

  • jodie08 Date: 17.01.2021

    you make it sound like I'm the bad guy here. i just wanted to know if she's safe. yeah we had bad history. but she's the rude one! she copies me, wants to be me. I'm glad she's moving. but nope, i am not the bad guy here. ty

  • zamstar Date: 16.01.2021

    Didn’t ask for the name or birthdate of the other person - said many negative things

  • Ricky Date: 14.01.2021

    Well the girl backed out of going out with me.She won't even talk to me now.😢

  • MaryAnn R. Date: 11.01.2021

    thank you

  • gabthebabe Date: 10.01.2021

    She’s okay

  • Nicole Date: 09.01.2021

    I think you are spot on! Thank you for your insight 🌺

  • tamaramichelle Date: 08.01.2021

    Thank you so much!!

  • barb Date: 08.01.2021

    Thank you so much for everything. You’ve helped me in many ways

  • MsJane Date: 02.01.2021

    Good point, thank you, not only do you tune in, but also offer words of wisdom just suited for the situation.🤍🙏🏻🌸

  • erica_rayne_34 Date: 02.01.2021

    Well thank you very much for explaining more about soulmates because I surely didn't know that before 😁🙏🏾

  • MsJane Date: 01.01.2021

    Thank you 🤍

  • MsJane Date: 01.01.2021

    Thank you

  • TheHighPreistess Date: 28.12.2020

    I find it kind of bizarre that you told me the exact opposite the last time we spoke

  • Muneer Date: 26.12.2020

    Thx a lot

  • imaginas2020 Date: 20.12.2020

    Brilliant and a wonderfully illuminated perspective- really helps me to get clear on next steps

  • GudGrove49 Date: 18.12.2020

    Nothing she said made since didn’t even connect to the situation waisted my credits