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My name is Alissa, I am a Spanish professional tarot card reader and astrologist. I always try to be as clear as possible, but kind and empathic at the same time. I provide advice, guidance, mental healing, destiny and future predictions. I always focus on what is the best path you can choose or have. There is no problem without a solution, and I can give you the answer you are looking for. I am very sensitive and I can feel what you and others feel.   I always want to help and guide as many people as possible, it is my destiny and my vocation. I feel passionate about this job and I will love to do my best trying to be the light on somebody's dark path.


I am an expert in all kinds of love,  relationship professional advisor, sexologist and couple therapist. I am also good at work issues, family problems, money affairs... But I can answer whatever you want to know.  You can ask me for a tarot card reading or an astrology session.


I have been working in different Tarot, Psychics and Astrology companies since 2016. I have 8 years of experience as a Tarot card expert in phone, personal, chat, and email sessions. Currently, I'm studying biodecoding and numerology.

Rating & Review

  • pw3 Date: 14.04.2021


  • Apples9 Date: 13.04.2021

    I enjoyed this reading

  • Apples9 Date: 13.04.2021

    Awesome reading, it was clear and accurate

  • Darius Devon Prince Date: 13.04.2021

    Roger that, spot on

  • jclaw314 Date: 08.04.2021

    Thanks but didnt get the job.

  • BGB Date: 07.04.2021

    Thanks Alissa! Great read! ❤️

  • mac_1993 Date: 05.04.2021

    Thank you for the fantastic and hopeful reading Alissa!!

  • Ann Date: 03.04.2021

    Thanks, Alissa. ♡

  • Tomas Alvaro Date: 30.03.2021

    Muy amable, pero la predicción no se cumplió lamentablemente.

  • BGB Date: 30.03.2021

    Thank you Alissa great read ❤️

  • Sexyeb Date: 30.03.2021

    Always truthful and pleasant. Love her readings

  • Apples9 Date: 29.03.2021

    All accurate and true.

  • Apples9 Date: 29.03.2021

    Awesome and clear reading.

  • Apples9 Date: 29.03.2021

    Awesome and accurate reading

  • Apples9 Date: 29.03.2021

    This reading is an accurate reading. My mind is clear of the situation more too.

  • Apples9 Date: 29.03.2021

    Our very accurate this year s awesome.

  • Cynthia Date: 29.03.2021

    Not a real psychic. I would not read with her again, sorry predictions are very off. She doesn’t make sense.

  • Alicia Date: 26.03.2021

    Alissa just told me about my whole self and snatched my wig. Lmaooo. Wow just wow.

  • Alicia Date: 26.03.2021

    Thank you

  • laurenc_x Date: 22.03.2021

    Thank you for your insight within my situation 🙏 blessings to you 🙂