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Sabrina here. Giving advice comes naturally as I love to help others. I am certified in both Tarot and Reiki. My spiritual journey started 20 years ago when I began to have out of body experiences which connected me to Source and expanded my intuition and clairvoyance. I continue to learn and grow from the messages I receive through my guides. This is my full time job along with reading at festivals. I do not sugar coat and I channel my guides with every reading. I look forward to connecting with you. 

Tarot, intuitive, and spirit guided advice

As I child I was seeing auras and having lucid dreams, I have always been intrigued with psychics and the New Age.   Along with being on multiple podcasts teaching others techniques on meditation and having out of body experiences, I also fell in love with Tarot 16 years ago when I took classes and got my certification for Tarot reading. Along the way I also got my Reiki master certification. I have a long history of empathy, listening to others, and giving spirit guided advice.

Rating & Review

  • ghi Date: 16.04.2021

    Thank you for the guidance

  • Dina Date: 15.04.2021

    i like sabrina shes straightforward 💖

  • Austin Goetz Date: 14.04.2021


  • Shalon Date: 13.04.2021

    Thank you, I will look for something like that

  • Wing Date: 12.04.2021

    Sabrina can tell what I m feeling and actually happening right now. It’s not very happy though. She’s honest , straightforward and clear! Makes me face the truth! Thx Sabrina!

  • scwalker88 Date: 09.04.2021

    Yea I get it

  • Ashrah Date: 09.04.2021

    thank you sabrina

  • artgirl Date: 08.04.2021

    always honest and accurate. thank you

  • 827714 Date: 07.04.2021

    Thank u 😇

  • ebbnees122 Date: 05.04.2021

    Thank you I understand 💙

  • Kierra Date: 05.04.2021

    I honestly feel like she was being judgmental

  • loverbean321 Date: 05.04.2021

    Thank you!

  • nekki08 Date: 04.04.2021


  • Hayley Date: 03.04.2021

    Thank you for your advice. I will continue to work on myself in hopes that it will lead me down a path such as the one you described.

  • isela Date: 03.04.2021

    Thank you so much ❤

  • Ashrah Date: 02.04.2021

    thank you!!!

  • shlav Date: 02.04.2021

    Thank you so much ❤️

  • Charlene Date: 02.04.2021

    There is something about Sabrina's energy that I find very calming and full of integrity. I don't believe this lady tells tales. She delivers her honest findings in an easy way to understand. This is not a case of a cold reader that is for sure! I had one situation I wanted her to look at and I feel she 100% tuned into that. Her honesty may not be what you want to hear but she offers appropriate guidance and comfort to anything she has to reveal. She picked up on some small details about the other person in my current predicament that she could not have known or guessed. Thank you Sabrina. I hope to come back to you in the future with an update. Appreciate your time reading for me and your delicate approach to the harder aspects of my question. Love and light.

  • Selene Date: 01.04.2021

    She is great and very helpful

  • Essence54 Date: 01.04.2021

    Thank you so much for your reading I appreciate it