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Hi there! Thanks for checking out my profile!  I'm Twifly, a spiritualist, cartomancer and energy alchemist providing spiritual life coaching, tarot and oracle readings, mindful date coaching, Law of Attraction mentoring as well as family and career advice  

💚Personal In-Depth readings - I combine spiritual insight & real-world practical advice with psychology & behaviour analysis sprinkled in every now and then

💚Multiple card systems are used in all readings - Tarot,  Oracle, Lenormand and I-Ching

💚Accurate timelines and predictions -I accurately predict future timelines with pendulum dice or pulling cards symbolizing set timeframes.  

💚Fast Typer- Quick  and detailed responses using speech to text technology

💚💜Biddy Tarot Certified Reader 💜Accredited Life Coach 💜Bachelors in Behavioral Sciences

Your PERSONAL, IN-DEPTH and ACCURATE readings are UNIQUELY  and EXCITINGLY  delivered using several cartomancy systems ( Tarot,  Oracle, Lenormand and I Ching). I work with situations and timelines by looking at events and when they're going to happen to see how the future is most likely going to unfold. I use the information I receive from you, the messages from my tools and my expertise in human psychology and behavioural analysis to see the full picture of why the situation is the way it is, how it's most likely going to as well as how to turn it around if possible or provide guidance on where to go from here  

Relationship on the rocks? Need guidance, advice, or insight on what's going on? How to fix it? Not sure why he's pulled back, being distant or giving you mixed signals? Stuck on making an important choice in your life or career? Want to know when you'll get that promotion or a new job? I can solve and answer all your questions and guide you towards your best life. 


💚Schedule for live services 💗💗💗 6PM - 12AM PST Tuesday - Saturday.  

💚I only get information based on what is asked .Part of how I work and a big portion of my accuracy and detail is I provide unique spreads based on every question and situation that comes before me .  If after your reading or live 1-1 time is over and you're wondering if I “picked something else up “ the answer is no . Please be blunt and direct with everything you aspire to get out of your reading


🧡General readings  - In order for me to give you a reading I require a situation and an aspect about it you need insight and clarity on . 

🧡Health (Including pregnancy/gender predictions)

🧡Investment advice 

🧡Court / Legal proceedings (Including child custody outcomes and money sums including welfare/child support)

💡When formulating your message please make note of the one question guideline of the service

⛔Message requests with multiple topics or on the No No List will be rejected 



💚The situation you're seeking insight into :

💚All persons involved :

💚Names :

💚Everyone's past and current connections with everybody involved :

💚Your question about the situation :



💚Tarot cards

💚Oracle cards

💚Lenormand cards

💚Book of Changes (I Ching) 




💚Astrology (Center of Excellence) 

💚Ayurveda (Center of Excellence)

💚Gia Force Magic (Center of Excellence)

💚Spiritual Life Coaching (Center of Excellence)

💚Aromatherapy (Center of Excellence)

💚Crystal Therapy (Center of Excellence)

💚Chakra / Color Therapy (Center of Excellence)

💚Law of Attraction Mentoring (Center of Excellence)

💚Master Herbalist  (Herbal Academy Online Institute) 

💚Level 3 Grand Reiki Master (Infinite Reiki and Healing Institute) 

💚Buddhist Communication and Speech of the Middle Path (Daily Om)

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  • Muneer Date: 02.03.2021


  • Muneer Date: 02.03.2021

    Th at is

  • stefstars Date: 01.03.2021

    Really sweet ✨ Took time to look at my situation twice ❤️ hope it works out. Thank you 💫

  • starfish05 Date: 01.03.2021

    Wow She is good, picked up on stuff right away and I feel a lot of what she said is accurate and truthful & honest

  • mochan26 Date: 01.03.2021

    Will defiently come back

  • Samantha Date: 26.02.2021

    Amazing reading

  • chanbrea Date: 26.02.2021

    Thank you

  • Francesca Date: 25.02.2021

    Very detailed and seem accurate . Became my fav instantly . Will always come back !!

  • starlet Date: 25.02.2021

    Thank you

  • starlet Date: 25.02.2021

    Thank you

  • starlet Date: 24.02.2021

    Thank you

  • Lisa Date: 22.02.2021

    Thank you so much for the helpful information. It gives me hope that things will get better for me and my POI. I will return with more questions later. Thanks again.

  • feather Date: 21.02.2021

    Thank you so much for the clarity! Loved the reading...Stay safe! :)

  • Maraiyah Date: 21.02.2021

    Very good reading !!

  • Lisa Date: 21.02.2021

    Thank you for the wonderful reading. I look forward to the prediction to come to pass.

  • Denise Date: 21.02.2021

    Thank you so much for the in depth clarification so that I would be able to understand the situation, I really appreciate it!

  • perrec Date: 21.02.2021

    Thank you

  • mochan26 Date: 20.02.2021

    Very spot on!!!

  • neicy Date: 17.02.2021

    Very informative sorry I was asking too many questions but thank you it gives me hope

  • doyouhaveatuba Date: 17.02.2021

    Thanks! I hope!