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I am married with 3 kids, that range from 3 to 21yrs old. Right now I live in North Carolina. We have 2 cats and a pug. We love the outside when the weather is nice, playing and running around. I love to watch my kids learn and grow while I learn and grow with them. I enjoy learning new things and constantly in search of knowledge. One of the biggest things I enjoy is helping others smile and have fun.


I give my readings from the heart, and as such do my best to help others heal and find what makes them happy. I can give time frames with the realization that things can always change with free will. Whether it is career, love or general guidance, I give the information necessary to help people move forward through intuitive tarot readings.


I have been studying tarot for approx 15yrs, I started doing readings about 10yrs ago, professionally providing them for 6yrs. It is a passion of mine, that I have invested a lot of time learning and fine tuning and continue to do so

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  • Ankita Mukherjee Date: 23.01.2021

    Thank you..

  • kris Date: 20.01.2021

    ty! I was granted the ext! Very accurate!

  • Tanesha Date: 20.01.2021

    I love Dan. He tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  • kris Date: 20.01.2021

    Thanks, I called it out and she apologized stating she didn't intend it to be interpreted that way. She said my leadership at the company was appreciated etc. Great advice!

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    Accurate as always! Came to fruition

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    Always helpful

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    Thank you... Dan !!!! 🖤

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    ty for your insight, it was accurate and played out that way!

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    Straight forward. Direct. No suga!!!! Dan is totally cool ‼️💪🏾🖤💪🏾

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    ty for the Insight into the situation.

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    Always on point

  • barbor3 Date: 14.01.2021

    Spot on Dan as usual real gifted I don’t know how you do it !

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    Dan are you available I placed an order early this morning but didn’t get a reply this is unusual . Hope all is well

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    Thank you

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    Always good to talk to

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    He gets it.

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    Understands a guys point of view